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  Dongguan ShowPal Display Co.,Ltd.founded in 1996,it is a professional manufacturer of Display Products,acrylic (PMMA) products owned enterprises,the company is located in Dongguan City,Da Lingshan Town,Jichiling Industrial Park, Guangdong Province.From Guangzhou,Shenzhen and other cities only an hour or so by car,convenient transportation, the company has self-built plant more than 20,000 square meters, more than 150 full-time professionals,is display products,acrylic (PMMA) products of leading enterprises,and in Dongguan Science and Technology in 2012 obtained the title of private enterprises.

  In the management of the Showpal has always insisted "customer-respect,good faith cooperation,"the operating principles,the full implementation of quality and environmental management system,has passed ISO9001-2015 quality management system,SA8000:2014 Social responsibility management systemthe,company have been awarded: Credible Enterprise,high-quality suppliers and Guangdong Traders most growth 50.

  In services,the ShowPal's services brands include:Apple phone,pill Cosmetics,Midea,Haier,Sony,Dior,Casio and so on.

  On products, ShowPal has 23 years of production experience,the company specializes in Display Products,plexiglass products,acrylic display stand,photo frames,acrylic medal,metal,glass and wood structure display case,display cabinets,showcase.

广东快乐十分一定牛  ShowPal always follow the "do the best products and acrylic display products,to create a better life" concept,at reasonable prices,quality products and improve services in the market,gain advantages and win the trust. 

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