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Q:What products can ShowPal Display do?

A:广东快乐十分一定牛Processing, Custom, design

(1)Display products:Acrylic display stand,products display stand,display case,display cabinet,showcase,etc

(2)Acrylic crafts:Acrylic stationery,Acrylic poker chips,Table card,Signage,Acrylic keychain,Acrylic photo frame,Acrylic picture frame,Acrylic light box,Acrylic desk calendar

(3)Plexiglass(Acrylic) peoducts:Acrylic medals,Plexiglass trophy,Acrylic furniture,Acrylic fish tank

Q:What material display products can ShowPal Display do?


Q:Can all products be customized?

A:Yes,No spot, all products should need to customized.

Q:Can ShowPal Display accept OEM orders?

A:广东快乐十分一定牛Yes,OEM,ODM are accept.

Q:Can ShowPal Display make a sample before production?

A:Yes,All orders will make a sample before production.

Q:How long does it take to produce?

A:Usually, the production time is 25-40 days.

Q:Can the sample fee be refunded?

A:Yes,Sample fee can be deducted.

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