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Brand customer:OUTFORM

Customer profile:广东快乐十分一定牛OUTFORM Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. was established in 2002,and is headquartered in Miami, USA. Outform is committed to providing customers with customized design services and solutions to help customers enhance their consumer engagement and brand experience. It has set up 8 offices around the world, located in Miami, San Francisco, London, Milan, Tel Aviv, Mumbai, and Shenzhen. We have assembled experts in global design, innovation, market research, engineering, manufacturing, and many other worlds. The successful cooperation between technology companies and top 500 companies has won an excellent professional reputation in the industry.

Customer product:Cosmetic display platform,Cosmetic display stand,Wine display stand.Mobile phone display case,etc

ShowPal Display 广东快乐十分一定牛has 23 years of production and customized experience, the company specializes in display products, plexiglass products, acrylic display stand, photo frames, acrylic medal, metal, glass and wood structure display case, display cabinets,showcase,etc.

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