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How to choose a good Acrylic Display

  How to choose a good Acrylic Display
  First, the purchase by touching acrylic display rack, by hand to determine how its quality. Surface quality acrylic display stand rounded and smooth, feel good, and will not easily leave fingerprints or other traces.
  Second, at the time of purchase to observe translucent acrylic display rack. Because good acrylic material with excellent transparency, so the finest acrylic display stand usually has a good light transmission.
  Third, the stability and bearing capacity of acrylic display rack must also be taken into account. Good acrylic display stand within the standard weight range, will not be deformed or mild distortions carelessly shelved items.
  Fourth, the material thickness is a simple measure of whether or not one of the criteria of acrylic display rack is good or bad. Because the use of different materials, acrylic display stand, which will surely be a different thickness. Buyers through the thickness of a standard acrylic display rack contrast intuitive to identify the merits of product quality. But also to observe the display color. High quality acrylic display uniform color, the overall good.
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