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Is the acrylic box suitable for storing food? How to use it?

      With the strengthening of people's health and safety awareness, they are very concerned about food safety. Even if the equipment for storing food meets the health and safety standards, they are very concerned! In recent years, as acrylic boxes or acrylic plates are increasingly used by supermarket malls or various stores to store food, people's attention can be paid. Can acrylic products store food? Is it safe?

      It requires us to know about acrylic products. Acrylic is also known as special treated plexiglass. Its chemical name is polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA). It has good transparency, chemical stability, acid and alkali resistance and weather resistance (good aging resistance). The light is more than 92%, the transparency is close to the glass, and the hardness is much higher than that of the glass. It is not easy to be broken, and the average Mobility value is about 8, 9 degrees. The ordinary thermal deformation of the acrylic box is about 100 degrees and the melting point is about 130 degrees. Therefore, the storage of ordinary food is no problem, and the sealing of acrylic is very good, which is good for isolating the penetration of air and bacteria. Acrylic boxes are suitable for storing fruits, a variety of dessert breads and other foods, and acrylic boxes (acrylic plates) are easy to clean.

      Note: Since the thermal stability of polymethyl methacrylate is moderate, it is recommended that the acrylic box be used for food storage at room temperature and not for direct heating.



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