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World Book and Copyright Day

广东快乐十分一定牛   Today is the "World Book and Copyright Day" on April 23,2019.In 1972,UNESCO issued a call to the world to "Read the Society",requiring members of society to study,books become a necessity for life,and reading becomes everyone.An integral part of everyday life.In 1995,UNESCO announced April 23 as World Book Day,dedicated to promoting reading,publishing and intellectual property protection to the world. 

广东快乐十分一定牛   The reason why human beings distinguish other animals is that human beings have ideas and can carry out negative thinking movements,while human beings rely on the acquisition and accumulation of knowledge to progress continuously, from the slash and burn of thousands of years ago to the current modern science and modernization level.Life is inseparable from the learning of knowledge and the innovation of technology.The theme of World Book Day is: "People who want to live in different parts of the world, whether you are old or young, whether you are poor or rich, whether you are sick or healthy, you can enjoy reading.The literary,cultural,and scientific masters who can make a great contribution to human civilization can protect intellectual property rights.” 

   Reading should be part of life,not coping with learning, reading.Reading, and reading useful books.Reading a wide range of books can not only increase your knowledge,but also improve your thinking skills and enrich your life experience.Even if we are in a factory,an employee in a manufacturing company,should reads useful work,a book that improves communication and improvement,a book on business management,etc. ShowPal Display Products Co.,Ltd.also sets up a reading room,even if conditions Limited,limited resources,and always remind every ShowPal Display staff,knowledge changes fate,skills improve living standards.


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