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Pay tribute to customers, acrylic medals, plexiglass trophies are shipping

广东快乐十分一定牛   The Sino-US trade war is in a state of anxiety, and foreign trade exports are in a very big impact, but normal business exchanges will not be interrupted. Our US customers are still loyal and reliable partners of ShowPal Display Products Co.,Ltd. resisting the pressure of Sino-US trade wars, continue to cooperate with us. Look,hundreds and thousands of boxes of acrylic products (acrylic medals,plexiglass trophies) is being continuously sent to the container trucks from the production workshop. These acrylic medals (plexiglass trophies) will turn to the US customers by the cargo ship,turning the customer's trust into a thousand thousand acrylic display products. Appeared in various demand scenes,awarding music awards,sports competition awards, company annual awards and other award winners. ShowPal Display has 23 years of experience in the production and processing of acrylic display products. Focus on acrylic products,handicrafts,plexiglass products,medal trophies,display stands and display cabinets and other display products. ShowPal Display  rely on the support and love of new and old customers,in order to show products on the road of acrylic products Going further and becoming the industry leading brand to display products.


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